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With the job market being so competitive, many people are seeking employment. The one thing making the job-hunting situation different than previous years is the fact that companies are also being judged and scored. Potential applicants are able to read reviews ahead of time to determine whether a company’s culture is a good fit for them. This includes how well leaders within the corporation can engage and motivate others. 

An engaged employee is what employers strive for. They know that engagement means enthusiasm which means a low turnover, hard work, and increased morale. All of these traits go together as long as an employee is engaged. That being said, it isn’t something that is created by itself and it isn’t something that blossoms on its own. A good leader understands that keeping their employees engaged takes work, sacrifice, humility, transparency, and empathy.

The best way to get anyone involved in a project is to involve them in the inception and creation of the idea. When someone feels personally invested and proud of an accomplishment, it is in their best interest to maintain it and support it. Once started, make sure you work alongside your employees. Actions mean much more than words, and you will earn the trust and respect of your subordinates by showing them you value them and are willing to roll up your sleeves to get the job done. This also increases the value of their own work, since they see a superior managing the same tasks as they are.

In addition to working alongside your team, it’s a great morale boost to offer leadership roles to bright employees who display a propensity for collaboration and leadership. Being able to delegate shows that you trust your team to hold down the fort in times of trouble.

Employees that aren’t in the same, stagnant position, also remain engaged and validated, which leads to increased motivation and hard work. It’s important to nurture an environment that encourages out of the box thinking and creativity. This is how many companies find surprising opportunities for growth. When you witness innovation and talent, be sure to reward it. This could be in the form of a monetary reward, public recognition, or a promotion.